2020 Year of Crossing and Growing 
Crossing your limits, Experience the power of Holy Spirit 
4:13   Eph. 4:13
Welcome to Bread of Life Christian Church Surrey

這是一間高舉十字架真理的教會,擁有成人,社青,青少年,兒童..等各個不同的年齡層. 重視在屬靈大家庭中彼此的相愛扶持,並相信按不同恩賜才幹來搭配時,可以創造最大的幸福和諧並服事社群及跨文化的需要. 這也是一間看重醫病服事的教會,願意為身心靈有需要者禱告,使他們經歷基督裡的豐盛與自由。

Bread of Life Christian Church Surrey upholds the truth of the cross, composed by adults, teenagers and kids. We cherish the love and caring of each other in our big spiritual family, and when we are all serving in roles according to each person’s gift and strength, we can reach maximum harmony and serve the needs of our community. BLCC Surrey also value healing through prayers, we are more than welcome to pray for anyone who needs it, and we want everyone to experience the fruitfulness and freedom in Christ.

Gather with us on every SUNDAY 

from 10am to 12pm

-   歡迎來參加我們每周主日聚會 10am to 12pm

大溫素里靈糧堂 Bread of Life Christian Church Surrey | 116 13045 84th Ave. Surrey B.C. V3W 1B3  | (604) 572-0700

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