Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.” Clearly Jesus view children just as important as adults. He even said, “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

耶穌說:" 不要禁止孩子到我這裡來!" 可見耶穌看待孩子是與成人一樣的重要.甚至他說:若人不回轉像小孩子就不能進天國因為天堂都是像這樣的人.

Since 1994, Surrey Bread of Life Christian Church has been consistently updating our Sunday school teaching materials in order to keep up with new generations of children. Our staff teachers hope to accomplish the 5S children spiritual transformation project to bring up a God-honoring team of bilingual youngsters, to cultivate influential teens with Christian standards.

素里靈糧堂兒童牧區自1994年不斷更新主日教材為能符合這個世代的兒童的需求. 我們的教師團隊希望透過5S兒童屬靈生命轉化建造工程:

Our Vision 我們的異象:

Children will experience their spiritual growth and build up positive biblical characters through Bible reading and spirit-filled worship and companionship.


We welcome all to join our family to expand our children’s capacity through prayer; to raise our children with the Truth from the bible; through spirit-filled worship to praise our Lord; honor God’s name through everyday life.

真理的餵養啟發孩子的生長,聖靈中敬拜讚美稱頌 神的話語使每天的生活品範榮耀神的名。

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